ORDER FULLFILLMENT IS ANYWHERE FROM 2-6 WEEKS!! Handmade takes TIME. We are doing our very best, please do not rush! LOVE YOU, XOXO <3

2 LEFT - White NO FREE FEET PICS Logo Socks

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Every single product we sell, unless stated otherwise or listed in the "OOAK" section is made to order. This means that we do not begin making your item, or even ordering your blank, until after you place your order for it. According to Eco-Age, a made to order business model "drastically helps to reduce waste and levels of the surplus stock ending up in landfills." Additionally, Made To Order is the reason why we are able to offer such a large variety of customizations and size/color range to our pieces - we don't have to keep piles of stock of each lying around. While this does mean that you have to wait anywhere from 1-6 weeks for your order, just know your patience is paying off! We appreciate your understanding. :)